Did you know that Virginia, North Carolina and Western South Carolina are in a climate ranked by the Weathering Index of the U.S.A. as SEVERE? In our case, this term indicates the number of "freezing-cycle" days in a year our state goes through. The word severe indicates the weathering exposed concrete is typically subjected to as indicated in the Manual of Concrete Practice.

It is the recommendation of ACI 332-R (residential construction) that all concrete, which is exposed to weather in a severe region, should be an air-entrained, 3500 Psi mix. The table further states that the 3500 Psi mix should be placed at a slump 5.0" +/- 1.0". The air content should be 6.0% +/- 1.5%.

Refer to ACI 318, Chapter 4 for detailed information on durability requirements for concrete

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